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Rocket propulsion systems, defence missiles and UAV’s


Rocket propulsion systems, defence missiles and UAV’s | EDePro, Serbia

About Us

EDePro – the regional leader in propulsion systems solutions for solid propellant rockets, turbo jet-propelled UAV’s and missiles – is synonymous with innovation and technological creativity in developing advanced defence and space solutions. As one of the top Eastern European engineering hubs for research and development with an advanced manufacturing environment for serial production, trade, and modernization of rocket systems, artillery munitions, defence, and space equipment, we have been delivering value to our worldwide client base for over 30 years.

It is our state-of-the-art technology for propellant rockets and G2000 artillery rockets, that confirms our strong domination and leading industry position in this part of Europe. Fostering an environment of engineering flexibility, technological empowerment, and original know-how, EDePro delivers premium quality, innovative, cost-effective solutions, products, and services for today’s world of ever-evolving defence industry. Dedicated to technological innovation and development of our own, in-house solutions, we shape a new, modern approach to defense and create a future that is intelligent.

Our products and services

With extensive expertise in the development, design and production of turbojet and rocket engines, EDePro (Engine Development and Production) can provide you with products and services that are innovative, of premium quality, as well as cost-effective. They will meet not only your requirements but also those of today’s defence industry.

Our products include production of rocketsrocket propulsion systemsmissilessolid rocket motorsanti-tank missilessurface-to-surface missilesguided bombssurface-to-air missilesanti-ship missiles and air-to-surface missiles.


We built our worldwide reputation on our unique design, as well as reliable solutions for thermoplastic composite solid-propellant artillery rockets. We offer rockets of various calibres, as a high-performance, accurate and effective fire support for operational forces – with a minimum dispersion and a maximum effectiveness up to a 300 km range (MLRS GRAD G-2000). Moreover, we can offer the optimisation of our customers’ artillery inventory, and even extend its lifespan by overhauling their existing rocket systems.

Rocket Propulsion

When it comes to propulsion systems production and integration, EDePro is the leading company in Southeastern Europe. We have considerable expertise in designing, building and testing staged-combustion liquid-propellant rocket engines, with various thrust levels and propellant combinations. Furthermore, we are the major producer of thermoplastic composite propellants. Given the propellants’ long shelf life due to the binder’s chemical stability, propellant grains can be stored for a very long time when placed in rockets and missiles. Additionally, they include fewer replacement costs, which significantly reduces the total cost of a missile’s maintenance.

Gas Turbines

By employing advanced technology and know-how, our company produces affordable, clean and reliable gas turbines and delivers them to our customers worldwide. These solutions are designed for numerous products, including small turbojets for UAVs and target drones, along with custom solutions for the complex power plants for turboshaft helicopters and turboprop aeroplanes. In addition, all the solutions are digitally controlled and they incorporate online condition monitoring. However, these are not our only services concerning gas turbines – if required from us, we can also provide our customers with necessary training and the transfer of technology for selected gas turbines.


EDePro engineering team with expertise in navigation, homing heads, mission computers with autopilot and guidance, aerodynamic actuators, and actuator controllers, our team has a proven track record of successfully supporting its customers by providing a comprehensive variety of highly effective, reliable and affordable missile hardware and software.

All hardware is processor-controlled and connected with the mission computer via the onboard computer network based on regular communication protocols (CAN bus, Ethernet, RS485, etc.). All subsystems are based on the missile’s aerodynamic characteristics, be it a cruising or ballistic type. As for third-party products, they can replace any hardware or software for which the hardware and software interface can be developed.

The navigation can be based on inertial, satellite and integrated inertial and satellite navigation, while the homing heads are based on IR or visible-light, cameras and video-processing hardware and software. The mission computer performs system management, missile stabilisation (autopilot) and guidance as per various guidance laws. Meanwhile, aerodynamic actuators and controllers are designed to meet the missile’s mission requirements.

Rocket & Rocket Motors

As a company that designs and produces propulsion systems, EDePro renders all levels of engineering services, from research and development process, up to the serial production of rockets and rocket motors. Our insight into engineering excellence resulted in our own design and production centre for solid-propellant rocket motors, capable of producing up to 500 mm calibre motors. We integrated a full engineering cycle from research and development into full-scale serial production, including testing and verification facilities. As a result, EDePro’s production capacity is more than 300 tonnes of solid propellant per year – depending on end-user requirements and the production scale.

Cutting-edge technology, serial production with large capacities, as well as our personal test facility for designed products make EDePro a reliable partner to our clients, with our engineering team always at the forefront of the innovation, solving our clients' most challenging requests.


As innovation has been EDePro’s hallmark since its earliest days, our UAV engineering team prides itself in its expertise in designing and developing conceptual solutions for any flying object, of any purpose and type, supported by aerodynamic-structural calculations in software packages.

Our design and production portfolio includes the design of metal composite structures, the design and production of tools made of MDF, technical laminates, Polyamide 6 (PA-6) or polyacetal (POM) by a three-axis CNC milling machine, as well as the fabrication of composite structures based on manufactured tools, preparation of parts and production via 3D printer.

We provide the development of hardware and software for UAVs, based on calculated aerodynamic characteristics and mission fulfilment requirements, paired with the necessary mechatronic systems and subsystems.

Our strategic commitment to combine state-of-the-art technology with our vast engineering know-how, as a result, delivers solutions that advance science and change the landscape of the defence industry.

Jet Engines

As the best of their class, EDePro's jet engines combine excellent performance, high reliability and low cost. Our production and service portfolio, tailored to help customers in every step of their mission, includes the comprehensive design, engineering, calculations, drafting of technical documentation, as well as production and testing of turbojet, turboshaft, and ramjet engines and all their components.

We also offer the end-to-end design, production, and testing of turbojet (up to 500 daN) and turboshaft engines (500 kw) and their components, including compressors, combustion chambers, turbines, gearboxes, rotor dynamic models and accessories, as well as the design, production, and testing of ramjet engines (up to Mach number 3 and airflow rate 30 kg/s).

Moreover, EDePro engineering team designs test stands for turbojet and turboshaft engines, and sets up jet propulsion laboratories for testing air-breathing engines and their components.

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